Coffee Drinkers Survey Results 2015

Every year Google-owned  Zagat publishes a coffee survey. The Zagat survey compiled results from 1,500 adult coffee drinkers to not only find the best places in America to purchase coffee, but trends among coffee drinkers as well.  Some of the findings were surprising to us, and others not so much. Here’s a sampling of results from the 2015 survey. Where do you fit into these results? kafa-9-23resizeGender and Age Coffee drinkers of all ages were surveyed with an interesting result: You might think that young Americans drink the most coffee, but the opposite is true. While 20-somethings drink their coffee daily, their consumption was around 2.1 average drinks. The survey showed that as we age, we Americans drink not only more frequent cups but a larger quantity with people in their 50’s and 60’s reporting 2.4 drinks per day. Men and women were split quite unequally,surprisingly enough with males of all ages out drinking the females. Females in the survey purchased more lattes than males and males ordered more regular coffee, with straight shot espresso coming in a close second for the guys. How Do You Take Your Coffee? 24% of Americans drink their coffee black. This is down from 30% last year. This result is interpreted by Zagat as a rise in the sale of specialty drinks and the numbers bear that out. 21% of the respondents in the survey  chose “Other” over black coffee. Other is defined as Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, espresso, iced coffee, and flavored latte. It’s not surprising to us with the amount of specialty drinks available at coffee houses that the specialty coffee is rapidly catching up with black coffee. So much more interesting and adventurous, don’t you think? mugs-of-coffee-on-a-table-close-up_zkOpc4v_resizeTo Tip or Not to Tip One of the questions on the survey was about tipping your barista. Tipping trends seem to be remaining consistent with the 2014 Zagat survey. About a fourth of the respondents always tip and 24% tip if the barista is friendly. Some customers only tip when they’re giving a complicated order (12%)  and 30% don’t necessarily tip at all. Where do you stand on the tipping question? Leave us a comment below! Who buys their coffee? On the home vs. retail question,  the results were a little surprising. 43% percent of coffee drinkers report making and consuming their coffee beverages at home. The survey did not make a distinction between the type or method of coffee brewing used. The number of people who get their coffee outside of their home grew in 2015 by 8% with a large amount 26% purchasing from large retail chains, small shops and independent coffee roasters. How Much Are You Willing to Pay? Picking up your daily latte has become a multi-billion dollar per year industry in America. We’ve come a very long way since a cup of coffee at your neighborhood diner was a nickel. The average price that respondents of the survey paid for a regular cup of coffee was $3.28 which is up .25 since last year. How about for a barista-prepared coffee beverage ? Survey says! $5.07 is the top price that Americans are willing to pay for their specialty beverages. You do the math. kafa-2-4398resizeWatching prices and consumption trend up year by year leaves us with one clear result. Coffee culture in America isn’t going away any time soon. Americans love their specialty brews and the comfort and convenience of being able to stop in, drive-thru and pick up their daily dose of caffeine. See the full survey and results at (Source:  

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