How To Create An Eye-Catchy Logo For Your Product

You want to attract attention to your product or brand. You want the logo to look amazing, and you also want the logo to be something people can remember. What can you do to make your logo both memorable and eye-catching?

First of all, let’s talk about making a simple logo. Can a logo be simple and eye-catching? Let’s think of Nike for example. You may say yes. Nike’s logo is simple, and we remember them. However, we remember that logo because it belongs to a big company. The logo in itself is not actually that great. The advertisement that goes along with it is what is eye-catching. However, if you don’t have a big name and you can’t afford to pay a mountain of money for advertising, you need your logo to stand out by itself. That means that your logo cannot be simple.

Don’t get scared. That doesn’t mean that making your logo will be so complicated either. Here are six steps to an attractive, eye-catching logo that will make your product stand out.

1. Make your logo 3-D. If your logo is flat, it may appear boring. It won’t impress potential customers. If you make your logo 3-D, it will seem more alive. It will catch attention and make people feel like it is inviting them to try the product. Look at these two different logos and see which one you prefer.

logos    logos2


2. Don’t be afraid to spend money on your logo design. If you spend money making a logo eye-catching, it will pay off many times. Why? More people will be interested in buying your product. If you invest up front, it will pay off when it comes time to sell your product. Besides, by spending some money to come up with a better logo design, you may skip the headache of spending time after time trying to make a cheap logo look right.

logos33. Make sure your logo accurately represents your business. If you are selling sportswear, having a random animal stuck in may not make sense to your customers. You want them to see the logo and automatically connect it to your business. Perhaps if your business is named after a location that is famous for buffalo, having a buffalo would be appropriate. However, if the connection is difficult to make, don’t try to force it.  One of my favorites is the one below. Chick-fil-a, a chicken-selling fast food restaurant, has a cow as its mascot. The cow is always wearing a sign that promotes eating chicken. This logo makes people smile but also gains attention for the business.

4. Be colorful! A logo that is black and white will not make people stop in their tracks. However, color does get attention from people. I remember as a child in the library, I would always pick the books that had bright covers. If my mom showed me a book that didn’t have an exciting front cover picture, I didn’t want it. We are like little kids. We pick up the product that catches our eye for further examination.  Adding color does not mean that you need to cover the bag so completely with neon colors that no one can process it. Don’t do that.  But a little color splashed into your artful design will do wonders for growing your customer base.

5. Make sure your design flows. If you want to put words into your design, that’s fine. However, if the words don’t seem connected to the drawing, the logo will feel disjointed. What do I mean by that? Let’s look at some examples.

logos4  logos5


logos7     logos6

You can see that all of these logos use words. What is the difference? All of he logos have the words, but the words in the first two are disjointed. They do not pull you in as much as the last two logos. The Korean Rooftop logo, as you will notice, also does not follow step three above. While the circle and design are interesting, it doesn’t make me think of rooftops. I might see that picture and never remember the words that went with it.

6. Find an attractive font. This may sound silly, but writing in plain, straight letters is not as exciting as writing in cursive or loopy letters. It won’t look as fun to the potential customer. Remember, you are trying to catch their attention. Do that by making it look as different from their bills as possible.

Now you know your six steps to creating an eye-catching logo. I wish you the best of success!


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