What Factors to Consider When Selecting Tea Packaging

Factors to Consider When Selecting Tea Packaging

Tea is a very versatile drink. People can have it in the morning if they need to wake up or at night if they need to unwind after a stressful day. Since the drink is so popular, more and more individuals are dipping their toes into the tea market. There are so many things to think about when starting a tea-related business, including what flavors to offer customers and the appropriate pricing for tea and related products. Another thing to take into account is product packaging. This article overviews four important factors to consider when selecting tea packaging.

Protection Is Vital

When companies market their tea in loose-leaf form, customers can adjust the strength of their beloved beverage. As such, the loose-leaf variety is extremely popular amongst tea lovers. Since loose-leaf tea is loose within its container, companies should invest in flexible packaging that keeps their products safe from external elements. PBFY Flexible Packaging sells top-of-the-line tea packaging that safeguards the products inside from various hazards. Our packaging solutions protect loose-leaf tea from factors such as moisture, heat, sunlight, and fungus. We ensure business leaders that their items will remain contaminate-free and that the taste will remain unaffected during transportation or distribution. We have extremely functional features like resealable zip closures and tear notches to make sure the tea stays fresh during the entire process. The team at PBFY Flexible Packaging knows that quality is everything for a company trying to build a loyal customer base. Our experts want to help those in the tea industry accomplish this goal so that people continue to buy products.

Branding & Color

Another factor to consider when selecting tea packaging is whether the company’s brand will appear on the bags or pouches. Every company owner should view product packaging as another way to market their brand. This sentiment also holds true for those in the tea business. Luckily, PBFY Flexible Packaging can help in this department, as well. Companies can show off their loose-leaf teas in a bag or pouch with a built-in oval or strip window. Furthermore, we have specialized printing services that can add a unique label to the packages. Printing a label on the bags or packages is an excellent marketing strategy because consumers are more likely to buy from a recognizable brand.

Tea-related businesses should also put considerable thought into the color of their packages. Fortunately, color is in no short supply at PBFY Flexible Packaging. We have plenty of metallic or gold finishes available for companies that want their products to stand out from others on the shelves. Choosing a bold color may also appeal to more consumers. Everyone knows the pain of shuffling through their kitchen pantry, trying to find a specific item. If a package is colorful, it’ll stand out from other objects and be easier to find.

What About Size?

Size is also another component to consider when selecting the right tea packaging. To begin, business owners should work with experienced packaging companies to determine if their label size works well for the packaging. The label should be large enough for people to see but not so large that it takes up the entire pouch. Once the label size has been determined, the next consideration is the size of the packaging itself. PBFY Flexible Packaging offer bags and pouches in a variety of sizes to fit all types of needs. However, industry leaders should keep the consumer in mind when making this decision. Most people don’t need an economy-sized tea package for their homes, so investing in both large packaging to satisfy larger companies and wholesale distributors and small packaging to cater to homeowners and small-scale distributors is the better option.

Storage goes hand-in-hand with sizing. If a package is too big, a person won’t be able to tuck it away neatly. Luckily, PBFY Flexible packaging has come up with various solutions to potential storage issues. For starters, stand-up pouches are a superb option for folks trying to create more storage space. Stand-up pouches are also extremely user-friendly because individuals can get just grab the product and place it back in the pantry when they finish using it. Bags are another alternative that can help people keep their pantries organized. Our loose-leaf tea packaging bags are incredibly lightweight and simple to use. Homeowners can tuck them away to create more space when necessary. Again, our products come with functional features like resealable zippers, so consumers don’t have to worry about the tea spilling. Our airtight seals keep products fresh and tasting good far into the future.

Sustainability Matters

Lots of people are trying their best to be more environmentally-conscious. Companies around the world have begun to cater to these desires by investing in sustainable products. This rings true in the packaging industry, as well. PBFY Flexible Packaging’s bags and pouches are much more eco-friendly than tin containers that sit in a landfill for years on end. Instead, our top-grade tea packaging protects against deterioration, so it’s exceptionally environmentally friendly. Our packaging solutions also prevent essential oils from evaporating in the bag. Thus, the tea’s flavors will last longer, and it’s safer to dispose of the bag. Any company that invests in our packaging solutions can market their sustainability features to future customers.

Operating a tea business is no easy feat. Thus, company owners should rely on experts within various fields to create the most concrete business plan possible. For example, they should consider working with a trusted packaging corporation, like PBFY Flexible Packaging, to ensure that their products are safe and stylish during distribution. Customized packaging is a unique marketing tool that more business leaders should invest in. Flexible packaging protects products from possible contamination, but it also allows businesses to market their brand. This bonus is especially important because people are more likely to buy products from a brand they know. Anyone who is contemplating diving into the booming tea market should consider contacting PBFY Flexible Packaging immediately. We have high-quality loose-leaf tea pouches and bags to satisfy any company’s needs.

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