Food Trends of 2019

The trend forecasters are at it again! This time they are predicting the food trends of 2019. With more and more Instagram users feeling the need to ‘gram everything they eat, you could say it’s important to know what will be trending this coming year.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to be left in the dark, would you? While everyone is posting and enjoying the trends if 2019, you don’t want to be sharing a poke bowl or those fermented things no one liked anyway.

Trend #1: Flavors of the Pacific Rim

You are going to start seeing a lot of new flavors profiles pop up in your local grocery stores and restaurants alike. These flavors come from the Pacific Rim, that is Asian and Oceanic flavors as well as flavors out of the Western parts of the Americas. Talk about exploring the world with your palate. You may be wondering what sort of flavors come from these parts, if you’re not up to speed with the food trends of 2019 just yet.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Pacific Rim has got to be the bounds of lush, tropical fruits. Think a colorful mix of passion fruit, dragon fruit, and guava, pineapple, kiwi and papaya.

Sounds like a recipe for a delicious smoothie bowl, right? Or what about some cocktails prepared with these tropical gems? Menus serving breakfast through to dinner will see the addition of some beautiful Pacific flavors like shrimp paste, cuttlefish and dried shrimp too. Another tasty trend you’ll be seeing is called longganisa which is a mouth-wateringly delicious pork sausage of Filipino origin.

With the rise of veganism is the last five to ten years, meat-free options are more actively being sought after. Jackfruit is one such option that is taking the market by storm in 2019, as a meat alternative that resembles meat like pulled pork.

On the other hand, monk fruit extracts (also known as Luo Han Guo) are being used as a sugar replacement since it is a super-sweet fruit.

It is predicted that these flavors will be coming at you in the form of sweet products like flavored sparkling waters, tropical vinaigrettes, frozen fruit bars, and flavored pudding mixes. All that’s left to say is: de-lish-ous!

Trend #2: Empowering Purchases

2019 will see a shift in consumer behavior as more consideration will be given to which brands are purchased and why consumers choose them. This is not only limited to the food and beverage industry but applies to personal care products too.

Factors that will affect the food trends of 2019 include, but are not limited to, environmental consideration, animal welfare, and people-focused brands. Think of it as somewhat of a social movement.

Consumers will opt to make purchases from brands that are aligned with their own values and mission. This trend goes past just purchasing behavior but involves greater changes in the retail and food industries as a whole.

For example, consider supporting women-owned businesses or women-led farming initiatives, low-income communities creating products to uplift themselves and their families, and companies that have initiatives to help families out of poverty.

Trend #3: CBD-Infusions

While infusing baked goods with CBD oil is no new feat, it is set to start trending on a much greater level. CBD (cannabinoid) is an extract from cannabis plants which doesn’t have the same psychoactive effects as smoking cannabis (or consuming THC) does on the body. CBD has been used for a long time in oil and lotion products used to reduce pain and inflammation in the body.

We have also seen it being added to coffee and olive oil more recently. We have yet to see its full potential, however. The food trends for 2019 are promising that we will see CBD in a lot more than just coffee and lotion.

Products like salad dressings, soups, yogurts, and beverages are being infused with CBD for a new, interesting element in the food industry. What’s more, is that CBD has a host of beneficial health properties, without causing the consumer to get “high”. It’s a win all round!

Trend #4: The Plant-Based Lifestyle

Recently, we have seen an increase in research about plant-based diets and the benefits it can have. Not to mention the increase in veganism we mentioned earlier. The food trends for 2019 expect to see a lot more people diving into the plant-based way of life.

Meat-free will no longer be a once-a-week occurrence every Monday, but a permanent fixture. This means you can expect to see a lot more meat-alternative foods and protein sources hitting the market. Things like lentils, soy, plants, insects and dairy-free proteins will go seriously mainstream this year.

The most interesting development that we expect to learn more about in the next year is cell-based meat. This process will see the extraction of protein directly from an animal’s cells without them having to be killed for their meat. Interesting? We can’t wait to see how this will progress.

Trend #5: Water and…

It’s no surprise that people are still trying to find ways to make water more appealing in 2019. Long gone are the days of simply adding cucumber, lemon, berries or mint to your daily 8 glasses. More recently we have seen maple water and coconut water go mainstream, but consumers are still on the hunt for more. New additions like minerals, vitamins, and prebiotics as well as new flavors.

The food trends of 2019 are saying that we can expect just that this year. Most notably, we can expect flavors that are slightly more unusual for water than what we’re used to.

Think flavor profiles that consists of more than fruit and vegetables. Besides, we can expect some additions that are lower calories and lower in added sugar than what we’ve seen in the popular coconut and cactus waters.

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