Give the Gift of Gadgets this Father’s Day!

Have you ever asked your dad or your husband, if you have children, what he would like for Father’s Day? What does he say? Perhaps he can suggest something, or perhaps he simply shrugs and says he doesn’t know. The reason he doesn’t know is that he doesn’t yet know about that perfect gift. Here are some suggestions for that perfect gift and surprise him with something he didn’t know he needed, but will soon come to love.

Nest Thermostat

Perhaps a thermostat seems like a boring gift; however, the Nest thermostat leaves boring far behind. Nest Thermostat gives smart home a new meaning. After you install the thermostat, a thirty minute process, you will begin your interaction with it. First, you will set your original temperature. Perhaps when you go to bed at 10:00, you turn the thermostat down. When you wake up, you turn the thermostat up a notch. You repeat these behaviors for a few days, and your thermostat begins to automatically change according to your patterns.

Additionally, this thermostat wants to save energy. It has an away mode that you can set to save energy when you are not there. You will also have a leaf that appears when you are saving energy(i.e. turning the energy down when you go to bed). You can also choose to purchase this thermostat with a security camera that will keep watch when you are away.

Visit Nest for more info.

amazon echoAmazon Echo

It’s taken a couple of years for the Amazon Echo to invade our homes, but with over 4 million units sold, other companies are already behind. With millions of people speaking to “Alexa” already, it’s learning fast at what we want. Amazon Echo can connect with multiple services and if you are an Amazon Prime user, you get access to the entire Prime Music library. It’s as simple as saying, “Alexa, play some rock music.” and Alexa will start playing the Rock genre from Prime music. If you have other music services connected to it, just add “on Pandora.” or “on Spotify.” But Amazon Echo is much more than just a music player and a great speaker. Use Echo to set timers, control other devices and even compile a shopping list. Not only is this a great gift for Dad, the whole family will use Echo.

Visit Amazon for more info.

lifx-bulbsWi-Fi Lights

LIFX bulbs provide functionality, but also a novelty type of lighting. You may think that light bulbs are not an exciting gift, but these light bulbs are anything but ordinary. You can choose to purchase color bulbs or white bulbs. The color bulbs give you the variety of lighting in any color. You can set a lighting scheme with an app on your phone. For example, if you are going to have a romantic night at home, you can set the light bulbs to shine a soft rose light when you click the title you have it stored under. Additionally, you can your lights to your personal schedule. If you like to wake up at a certain time, you can set your lights to that time, helping you wake up in the morning. Many options are available in the app for how you want to control the lights.

Visit LIFX for more info.

These three gifts are unusual Father’s Day gifts. However, you will find that they please your father or husband in a way that a typical golf shirt would not. Try getting the man in your life something memorable this Father’s Day!

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