Branding Your Coffee Brand and Café

Coffee Cafés have become more than just a place to stop off and buy coffee. Nowadays they are a place to meet socially, for business, and in so many cases an office space for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Don’t forget the students that will also come and sit for as long as they need to finish assignments and even study.

All of these clients are guaranteed returning business provided that you as the café owner create an experience that makes your clients want to return. When creating your Brand for your Café and Coffee, you need to look at the big picture, the whole package.  Here are a few tips on how to do so.

Make it Feel Like Home

Comfortable seating that is both practical and workable is the key to furnishing your Coffee Café. Because you want to make your Café a place that can attract both social meetings and business meetings, as well as a place of solitude and focus for those who have brought their work with them, your seating has to cater for all possibilities.

Comfy couches and lounge chairs that are easy to sit in, and get in and out in will make a great section for social coffee gatherings. These are best placed off on one side of your Café to create a sort-of separate living room feel.

Groups of friends who have come to meet for a social gathering over their favorite brew will be drawn to your Café because they have the option of having their own almost private space for their party. A stylish coffee table will finish off the look of this corner nicely.

When it comes to workable furnishings, you want to make sure that you have tables and chairs that will be comfortable enough for your clients to sit in as long as they want to, and need to, to complete whatever business or assignment they have come to work on. You want to create an environment that allows them to work in your Café for hours if necessary, and one that will make them want to keep on coming back.

Light It Up

The lighting in your Café is also incredibly important when you are creating your coffee brand and building a comeback clientele.

The lighting should be neither too harsh, nor too dim; it is key to find the right balance. Those who come to your Café to socialize won’t be needing lighting that will illuminate their work, but those who come to work will need good enough lighting so that they don’t have to strain their eyes to get their work done.

To cover all bases, it’s a good idea to go for different types of lighting within different areas of your Café. Soft, warm down-lighting is great for your “living room area,” while brighter, cooler lighting is better for the areas where clients would most likely work; but make sure it’s not too harsh.

Make Sure You’re Connected

Providing Wifi to your clients is a great way to keep them in your café and keep them coming back. This is not only important to those who come to work and study, but also to those who come to socialize.

This works two ways for you from a brand-building perspective. Firstly, your clientele will come to your Café because of the perk of free WiFi, stay longer and buy more coffee. Secondly, those who come for social gatherings are very likely to take selfies and group photos while chilling in your café; if they can immediately upload them to their favorite social media sites, your clients are essentially doing some social media marketing for you. They are getting your name and coffee brand out there.

Build a Family

Your barristers and servers are the faces of your coffee brand and business, so it is important to make sure that you employ friendly, welcoming personality types that are good with and at reading people. Barristers who are good at remembering faces and orders are the best to have.

Nothing makes your clients feel like they are at home in your Café like having the barrister remember them and their usual order. This is especially important if the set-up of your Café is one in which clients need to place their orders at the counter. If your regular clients find that they don’t actually need to order their favorite brew because by the time they get to the front of the line your barristers because have already started making it, they will feel at home and definitely keep coming back.

Encourage your barristers and servers to engage your clients in conversation so that they feel more like they are visiting friends when they come to your Café rather than just coming to spend money on coffee.

Make The Best Coffee in Town

Your Coffee Brand is part of the whole. Make sure you source the best quality coffee blends and grinds that will create a unique taste experience for your clientele. Remember that they are going to keep on coming back because at the end of the day they are coffee drinkers, and they want good quality coffee.

It is also important to make sure that you cater for all coffee drinkers. Make sure your menu is varied and has all the options that any other Cafés offer, as well as a few of your own specialties. It’s a great idea to sell your blends in your store to give your clients the option of taking their favorite grind home to make for themselves.

It’s also a great idea to sell branded merchandise as this will help get your coffee brand name out there and more visible. Branded travel mugs that your regular clients who stop in for their morning takeaway on their way to work can have filled with their favorite brew are a great way of making your brand visible in their office environment.

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