Poll – How Far Would You Go To Get Your Favorite Coffee?

For many of us, a fancy coffee drink from Peet’s or Starbucks is a rare treat. Others can’t get through their work day without one. Coffee drinking is a multi-billion dollar habit in America, with literally millions of specialty coffee drinks being consumed on a daily basis. Whether it’s down the road, across town, or down the hall to your very own kitchen, you will get your coffee! PBFY wants to know how far you go to get your favorite cup of the bitter brew. Vote in our poll below! Corporate Coffee Drinker The nose-to-the-grindstone worker bee never gets farther than the employee break room. They don’t have the time to drive down the road for coffee. As long as it’s strong and hot, any cup will do, even if it’s dispensed from a vending machine! They might go so far as to bring in some flavored creamer, but that’s about as fancy as it gets. The good news for the break room coffee drinker? They have extra money in their wallet to play the lotto or give to a coworkers’ school fundraisers. Hit them up first! drip coffeeHome Brew The work-from-home , stay-at-home or unemployed coffee drinker may have to suffer with a drip coffee maker, but not necessarily. Freshly ground beans, a French Press, a Keurig or home espresso machine can turn out a delightful cuppa joe right in your very own kitchen. Don’t feel you have to muster up any sympathy for those who get coffee at home, they might just be having lattes on the regular. The Independent You may not be surprised to know that independent coffee shops, roasting companies and espresso bars have patrons that are as fiercely loyal as any well-known coffee chain. If you have a neighborhood shop that you frequent, you’re not alone. 19% of Americans drink at least 2 cups per day and the neighborhood coffee shop provides millions of those cups! How many co-workers or students do you know that plan their route to work or school so they will pass by the coffee shop? starbucks signFranchise Fun Peet’s and Starbucks lead the country with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Dunkin’ Donuts not so far behind. The smaller franchises like Dutch Bros and the Human Bean, as well as regional favorites, come in a distant third. No matter the specialty coffee drink you’re craving, from mocha to macchiato, you can find it at a specialty coffee shop. They have your seasonal favorites like pumpkin and peppermint as well! The devotees of these franchises won’t go anywhere else and show up in the drive-thru window like clockwork. How far will you go to get your favorite cup of coffee? Vote in our Poll below or tell us in the comments! [total-poll id=8780]

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