How to Select a Drip Coffee Machine

Your trusty and beloved coffee machine has sputtered its final morning brew, and you may be tempted to simply run out and purchase the same machine. However, has your coffee machine always been right for you, or are you perhaps interested in some of the new drip coffees that have add-on digital features for morning convenience. Because the at home drip brew pot is a fan favorite for the American coffee drinker it has been revamped and remodeled countless times to create the perfect at-home system. In this article, we will happily go over your options in new drip coffee machines, cover some of the advantages and even suggest a few for the best tasting cups of coffee the classic drip machine has to offer.

Prioritizing features that are going to benefit you in the morning with some many custom options is going to be the best way to pick out a new machine. Your old coffee machine had a lot of perks, mostly being that you could go back to your tasks at hands while your machine happily brewed you an ideal cup of coffee and all for a relatively cheap price. But as you look at all the new models you may wonder how you can make your coffee with the same ease but perhaps a better taste. Coffee makers now offer the flavors of a fresh ground cup of coffee right in your home, with minimal wait time. Rather than buying pre-ground coffee, you can now purchase drip machines for the aficionados who can’t live without the café style fresh ground cup of coffee. If you are serving coffee for a family of coffee lovers, consider upgrading to the 14 cup carafes and still enjoy your cup of coffee under 6 minutes. Perhaps you wake up in the morning and need to be able to follow the scent of a freshly brewed cup to even consider getting out of bed. There are many coffee pots that now not only offer programmable brew times but will also do you the favor of turning themselves off to reduce hazards.

Perhaps the biggest decision you will need to make ahead of time is whether or not you are going to be a pod coffee drinker or stick to ground coffee. Both options have their pros and cons that range from price to flavor. A pod coffee maker, such as a Nespresso or Keurig, have developed a variety of different coffees to choose from, are touted as being an easy clean up and create single cups of coffee with relative ease. Those making coffee for only themselves in the morning love the idea and application of a single serve drip coffee machine. However, others review the coffee as being weaker as you cannot control the amount of coffee added into a pod, or if you choose a refillable pod it is just as difficult to clean. Coffee purists believe that the only way to enjoy the morning cup of coffee is to have a freshly ground and appropriately rationed carafe, rather than a pod created cup. Once again, picking your drip coffee machine will require you to prioritize. By selecting a pod drip coffee machine, you may be sacrificing your favorite artisanal roast, but you will be able to create single cups of coffee with relative ease. One other downside to the pod coffee is that it is more difficult for simple ‘freshening’ up of your cup, as you don’t have a carafe of coffee waiting for you. Luckily for us, drip coffee maker companies recognize the difficult choice and offer options between grinds and pods. The next coffee pot we will discuss allows for both to be utilized helps those who are not quite sure if they are on team pod or team ground.

What really stands out to us though is the Hamilton Beach Single Serve and 12-Cup Coffee Maker. Not only can you brew a delicious pot of coffee for yourself, but help out the on the go out the door brewer with relative easy. Including both a carafe and a traveler’s mug this dual brewing system will do both at once or just brew a to go. You get the benefits of using grounds or pods, it is programmable and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. Hamilton isn’t the first to notice that a lot of our coffee consumption is done on the road. Black and Decker and Mr. Coffee have both come out with Brew and Go personal coffee makers. Simply make the coffee as you would in a carafe but instead the golden liquid goes straight into your travel mug.

Perhaps your priorities aren’t time or travel, right now you would rather focus on buying a machine that creates excellent cups of coffee created by true experts. If you are willing to pay a little extra, consider the Technivorm Moccamaster, the thermal carafe will keep your coffee warm, without fear of bad tastes or smells. This little machine is both aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable producing excellent cups of coffee in just under five minutes. Another excellent coffee machine that prioritizes taste above all else is the Bonavita BV1800 which has won countless awards and is fully certified for its performance by the esteemed Specialty Coffee Association of America. What really sets this machine about is the 1400-watt heater that gives you the perfect temperature to brew your coffee. The water is distributed evenly for complete saturation, meaning you will really taste the unique qualities of your grind. For the coffee aficionado who wishes to have the finest brewed coffee, this is the top pick.

Selecting a drip coffee all comes down to your personal needs and preferences, but rather than just go back to the same coffee pot style you have always had, check around to see some of the new styles of brewers. A drip coffee doesn’t have to be your go to because it is easy to create, it can be your go to because it produces excellent quality cups of coffee!

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