The Best Coffee Drinks for Summer 2017

Though climate change/global warming makes predicting the weather these days almost impossible, I’m still assuming that June/July/August it’s going to be warmer than it is now. Outside where I am it is currently 82 degrees, which isn’t awful, but I still want a hot latte if I really think about it. I am definitely fantasizing about summer; who knows, with “global warming” we may have in store more summer months than usual. Is it too soon to joke about the seemingly inevitable demise of our planet in the name of promoting iced coffee?

Now that we’ve made it through that awkward silence, let’s talk about the summer coffee drinks people are getting excited about! Spoiler alert, some of the drinks may be tea.

I have to start out with the most dreaded in my mind that I’ll likely have changed my tune about before next Winter rolls around: coffee soda. I just don’t get carbonated coffee. I’m a soda fan (recovering soda addict) and I can do carbonated tea or sparkling cider, no problem. Carbonated coffee is weird. That being said, I recently had a coffee kombucha that I may or may not have become immediately addicted to. You can find these in various pre-bottled configurations. There is also a place in Las Vegas that is doing a cocktail style version with espresso, lemon juice, simple syrup and soda water (and ice). This takes the tradition of having a lemon rind or wedge with your espresso and gives it to you in a bubbly, refreshing and still caffeinating combination. I have to admit, I want to try it. Badly. Something I want to try even more is from Ceremony Coffee Roasters and it is espresso with pineapple, coconut sugar and water, soda water and black cherries. This sounds like a little less refreshing but a lot delicious.

In general, ready-to-drink coffee is coming into trend in a strong way. It started years ago with those glass bottles of extra-sweet “frappuccinos” that pretty much taste like chocolate milk. Starbucks soon moved to bottled cold brew, including black iced coffee—imagine something without sugar—that’s crazy! More and more brands are getting in on this which is where the call for carbonated coffee has been amplified. Also, the quicker the world moves, the quicker people are going to need their caffeine fix. Who has the time to wait for a specialty espresso drink made-to-order when there are blogs to write, meetings to attend, trains to catch, kids to get to school, or governments to run? Bottled coffee is the future of cold coffee. An added benefit is that coming in a glass bottle makes it a reusable resource, helping to minimize your waste, ideally.

Starbucks is doing things, too. To turn the matcha craze on its head and give it a bit of a kick they’re updating their matcha frappuccino by adding double chocolate; it may only be available in Australia at first but you just have to ask your drink-maker to add chocolate syrup and chocolate chips to your green tea frappe. It sounds just weird enough to work.

Most of us have seen or heard about or even tasted cold brew on tap. I still haven’t had a latte on tap but it’s on my list. They’re taking coffee on tap to the next level with coffee kegs which offices are starting to implement for their workers. It looks less like a traditional frat-boy key, but it has a tap and it provides you cold, foamy caffeinated goodness! Happy hour is now at the office and in the morning!

A “coffee” drink without the coffee that’s sure to be a major hit this summer is available to those in or around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. At The End, they’re offering a pastel blue drink topped with edible flowers that they call the healing unicorn latte. It is a latte without espresso, but it’s supposed to boost your energy through its use of blue green algae, which helps to regulate your tummy’s bacteria and elevate mental clarity and natural energy. It also comes with natural immuno-boosters honey and lemon juice and is topped with coconut milk and berries. It sounds like it is chock full of anti-oxidants and refreshers and it’s beautiful to boot. If it’s not enough energy you can use it as a chaser to your double shot!

Something that’s making a comeback this summer and sure to boost its popularity is the latte on tap. This is like my favorite cold brew on tap, except with milk. It comes out already cold without the need for clunky, diluting ice. It is frothy and perfectly blended, as smooth as a beer with all the kick of an espresso drink.

And above I mentioned coffee kombucha. I just want to reiterate that I love this stuff. Coastal Craft makes a Red Eye version of their delicious kombucha, that is tangy, not too sweet, and smooth. It is refreshing and completely addictive. And, of course, it is energizing. What I love about it, in particular, is that it doesn’t make me overly jittery and it comes with the added bonus of friendly bacteria that is hopefully helping my tummy stay as healthy as possible!

Of course, there’s no telling what innovation and creativity we’ll find ourselves wandering through when the days warm up. Have you Been told of some new coffee, caffeine or drinks in general that are perfect for the summer months that you’re really looking forward to? Do you have any ideas for delicious summer beverages that our coffee-shop and small-business readers could benefit from? If you think it’s a delicious idea, chances are, there are other people out there who will as well! Comment below with your suggestions and ideas! Maybe summer will get here faster if we talk about it more!

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