The Latest Trends in Packaging Include Clothing, Soaps, Seeds

Small packages are trending here at PBFY. We’ve been receiving a great deal of requests for samples of our small bags for packaging items that are not necessarily food-related. The diversity of the companies contacting us show a trend in the need for small bags to handle a variety of products. The food industry has historically been a large part of our market, but it looks like good things in small packages are giving them some competition. grocery-shelvesOne of the reasons for the uptick in the need for small packaging solutions is the rise of the “Do It Yourselfers” (DIYers). More and more entrepreneurs are filling their own needs for products that are safe, chemical- free and made from pure ingredients that are locally sourced and proven safe. The products are refined and tested in a small research group. Often the family and friends of the creator. The cream rises to the top and those that make the cut are then in demand. The supply chain is altered at this step, and the idea becomes a product, an actual commodity. Once that product becomes popular, a business is born and the need for a packaging solution on larger scale becomes evident. That’s where we come in! The mom who creates skin products and laundry soap in her kitchen, the seamstress who specializes in clothes made of hemp, or the hobby farmer who dries and grinds his own garlic powder all need a way to package their goods for the consumer. We’re answering requests for bags to package lingerie, scarves, dresses and other garments as well. As a result, our customers’ packages from PBFY are showing up in boutiques, consignment stores, pet shops, at street fairs, trade shows and mail orders. We’re glad for the diversity of companies that choose our bags, and grateful for the opportunity to support the growth of grassroots companies and small business. Our bags are not just for coffee, tea and take-out anymore. We’re able to cater to this small packaging market with flexible packaging solutions that encompass soaps, candles, seeds, clothing and jewelry. No matter what the consumer needs, PBFY is able to come up with a solution that works in a cost-effective and practical way. We offer the same great service, attention to detail and quality assurance no matter what packaging solution our customers request. PBFY is committed to providing a quality product with excellent customer support throughout the ordering process. We encourage the rise of the entrepreneur and small business by keeping prices reasonable and providing design support, custom labeling and printing solutions for our customers. We want everyone who uses PBFY Flexible Packaging Solutions to have the same stellar experience in getting their product to their consumer. Whether that bag is large or small, our commitment remains the same.

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