The Next Big Thing in Coffee Trends

entrepreneurEntrepreneurs are always looking for fresh ideas, ways to draw in customers and increase their market share. Restaurants want that perfect dish that will make their name and reputation in culinary circles. Coffee roasters want that signature blend that they can label as exclusive to them. It’s a universal desire. To be the only, the original, the best! As we get into the rhythm of this new year, ask yourself, “What’s your next big thing?” If you’re in the coffee industry, you might be finding it difficult to brainstorm what should come next. It may feel like it’s already been done. Nitro brew, cold brew , draft lattes, what could possibly be out there to try? It’s a new season and a new chance to try out some new ideas. This takes a bold and fearless approach You have to be willing to fail to succeed. Top coffee shop owners and industry experts predict some weird and wonderful new trends in the not-so-distant future. Will you be on board? The Future Will Be Cold dsc08308-3804 resizedDiana Aylsworth, Director of cold brew for Stumptown Coffee predicts that the future of coffee innovation (as she sees it) will revolve around cold brewed and iced coffee. There have been so many flavored coffee trends in recent years. Look for more depth of flavor, layers and textures of taste in the cold coffee arena. Restaurants and bars have been working on creating signature cold coffee cocktails and mixed beverages, coffee shakes and cold brew sodas.  Coffee on draft will continue to trend in this chilly coffee future. All About Branding The trend in signature sweetened coffee drinks will continue according to Ameilia Evans of Brooklyn -based coffee roaster Toby’s Estate. Roasters will get creative with even more added flavors and textures to bring to the table. While fall is typically the time when the flavored coffees sell most, look for some spring and summer trends this year. This isn’t your grandmother’s Cafe’ Latte! Blending of Coffee and Tea Yes, we’re saying what you think we are. One of the next big things in coffee brewing will be blending. Not only coffee and teas together (which is already happening internationally), but also blending with other ingredients to create something “other”. Think Vietnamese iced coffee, and Thai iced tea. Spices and additives are a part of this upcoming trend and other blends such as chicory are making a comeback (especially in the cold brews)  according to Jay Isais of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. coffee-beans300Farmers and Sustainability We can’t talk about the future of coffee without talking about the farmers internationally who grow, harvest and export the beans. Future trends include more farmer direct and cooperative means of dealing with purchase of beans. More sustainable farming practices sponsored by the big names in coffee such as Starbucks and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Programs are in place to help ensure that the next generations of farmers will stay and continue to farm in the regions where the best coffee is grown and to help sponsor that growth by customer-subsidized programs such as the Starbucks plan to plant a tree for every bag of a certain blend of coffee purchased to enable farmers to replant after coffee plantations are diminished by blight such as coffee rust.  The end product is only a small piece of a larger puzzle.In order for us to continue to enjoy our favorite bitter brew, we have to make sure that the farmers can survive, yes, and even thrive generation after generation.   New Origins and Hybrids IMG_9085_3-4290 resizeAnother new trend is taking roasters away from the purist idea that only a certain kind of bean grown in a certain region of a certain country is suitable for brewing. New varieties and hybrids are emerging, and roasters are getting more involved with farmers and exporters internationally to try out previously undiscovered or undesirable hybrid coffees. The consumer drives this trend as coffee purists have given way to more adventurous coffee lovers who are willing to put aside past ideas and try new and varied flavors and textures.  This trend was necessitated in part by availability and opportunity. Cost is also a factor. So fear not, independent coffee roaster! There’s still room for you to create something new  at your restaurant, coffee shop or coffee bar. With some insight and creativity, you just might be in next year’s article about the next big thing! (Source : refinery29)  

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