Consumers Look Past Label, Seek Transparent Packaging

The digital world has become some kind of paradox for consumers. On one hand, they are more knowledgeable about what they want and on the other hand, there are so many choices nowadays that it becomes difficult for the consumer to decide on something that he or she will be comfortable with.

The days where the brand could ride the wave of their impeccable name are long gone. Consumers seek some guarantee that the product they are buying is high-quality that they suspect or better. However, to determine if something is worth the money, consumer shave turned towards bare packaging.

What do the numbers say?

In general, older companies’ packaging only had to concern itself with getting a product to the consumer in as good a condition as possible. However, customers have received increasingly more rights as individuals and are now on the lookout for something that looks fresh.

According to a research consumer study, over 30% of consumers tend to judge the freshness of their produce basket by the packaging and how the item looks. The expiry date or use-by date has become of less importance, seeing that customers seek something that looks fresh.

Trusting in the brand

Although there are some tried and trusted brands around, there are many startup companies that still need to make a name for themselves. As the saying goes, seeing is believing, and startups are very aware that if they are to gain the trust of consumers, they need some form of strategy to gain that trust.

During the last couple of years, transparent or windowed packaging have proven to be the answer to most of the answers of both consumers and producers.

For the consumer, the ability to see the product before buying it shows that the products are fresh or at least in good condition.

The manufacturing companies now have to deal with all manner of packaging integrity and quality. If the wrong materials and packaging methods don’t align with modern trends, the producer will be out of work.

Furthermore, providing see-through packaging is not enough. Stand-up pouches have become somewhat of a norm when it comes to packaging raw or unprocessed foods. These pouches are convenient and easy to use.

Even young toddlers now have the ability and freedom to choose a sauce that goes with their favorite pasta. The key of the stand-up pouch is that it is convenient and easy to use.

Current packaging trends tend to focus on two major factors, namely the convenience of the food and the attractiveness of the packaging. When these two elements are combined with the fresh food look, you have something that will appeal to the modern consumer. The baby boomer generation will likely stick to what they know, even though there are better alternatives around.

Packaging trends

When one considers the retail world of today, the landscape has changed tremendously. Not too long ago, packaging was only responsible for getting a product from point A to point B.

Nowadays, packaging needs to serve a multitude of needs. These needs are also not necessarily linked to the product at hand, but also how it will affect the environment. For this reason, some companies have opted for minimalist packaging to ensure that their environmental footprint is as low as possible.

The design of the print on the packaging has also moved away from extravagant designs, to something more manageable and simplistic.

The product is de-cluttered and, in most cases, the company explains the label and provides its product with a backstory. This is where many customers are already persuaded and would rather buy an expensive product, but they know that they are keeping their environment clean.

Vintage packaging

Another packaging strategy that companies are getting a whiff of is the vintage packaging method. People generally don’t seek to buy something that everybody has, instead, they look for something that can be used time and time again.

These vintage packages give the consumer the illusion that he or she is buying something special. Something that will not come back to haunt you.

As mentioned earlier, the modern world has access to more information than the consumer will ever use. The same kind of thinking applies to buying everyday products.

Companies are now turning towards the back-story of the company. This enables the customer to make a value assessment and determine if the product is worthwhile, especially when the company stands for something that builds the community.

Clear packaging

The clear packaging method is by far the most popular one of the lot, seeing that customers have a direct view of the product. The clear stand-up pouch is probably the clear winner, seeing that customers have the ability to see before they buy. It shows the customer that the product is still fresh and that the product is of high quality.

As a result, retail companies now have to deal with a whole other problem in terms of the plastic that is used to design this packaging. In general, any processed confectionary is filled with nitrogen gas to make the bag stand out. The reason is that nitrogen is all around us and no amount of condensation or oxidation will make the products go off.

Stand-up transparent packages

Apart from the content that never seems to lose any of its flavors, the stand-up transparent packages need to display the product in all its glory without flaws. When this technique is used correctly, customers will pay whatever they need to, to get value for their money. This packaging technique forces the producer to release the best products available.

The proof is on the pudding. Current consumer surveys have suggested that see-through packaging give the consumer the illusion that the products are fresher, taste better, and felt less artificial than similar products with the same nutritional value.

In the end, it comes down to the presentation and the company that is the most transparent will in all likelihood do more sales than the regular packaged goods.

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