Leverage Influencers for Your Packaging Promotion

To successfully promote your packaging, you need much more than traditional marketing tactics. Nowadays, it’s not about whether you’re seen, but it’s more about how you manage to be seen. One of the best solutions for brands, regardless of their size, is influencer marketing.

In this article, we will analyze the benefits of influencer marketing and how this approach can benefit your packaging promotion. If used right, a collaboration with an influencer might become the big break you were looking for.

What is influencer marketing, anyway?

Influencer marketing is one of the most utilized forms of product promotion, but many people still don’t know the basic principles of this approach. Marketing experts have agreed on the notion that influencer marketing is a hybrid of both new and old marketing tools to create the ultimate solution.

The “old” segment of influencer marketing relates to celebrity endorsement. Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, brands have utilized the influence and fame of celebrities to endorse their products.

When talking about the “newer” aspect of influencer marketing, we’re referring to their social media influence.

Celebrity influence has only grown since the rise of social media, making influencer marketing the best way to get your brand out of anonymity. Exactly how many ways can you utilize influencer marketing? Let’s take a look.

Host giveaways

Let your influencer post an image of your packaging, alongside other things, making it seem “normal.” In the description, they can motivate their follower into action with the promise of a reward. Everyone likes free things, so they will gladly perform any action that’s requested. It should be a simple thing, such as entering their email or liking/sharing/commenting/tagging friends.

The real effectiveness of host giveaways lies in the expansion of your packaging. Sharing an image will automatically cause other people to see and hear about your brand. Whoever the winner is, they will most certainly share a picture of the reward received via the influencer. It may look like charity, but host giveaways are promotion.

Social media takeovers

Influencer marketing is a viable method of packaging promotion because they’re human. Customers generally respond better to real people than just communicating with the brand. To achieve that “humanization,” let your influencer have a social media takeover.

Let them post whatever they want on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page and communicate with fans. It can be all sorts of content – from trying out new products to live streaming Q&As for a few hours. The popularity and reputation of the influencer will aid you in reaching the targeted audience. These takeovers should be carefully planned.

You can devise a plan with the influencer and ask them to reveal new products or talk about the upcoming plan. Anticipation and takeovers are an ideal match.

Affiliate marketing

If an influencer is particularly willing to cooperate with you, why not reward them for the effort? This is precisely what affiliate marketing is all about. A particular campaign can be run through the influencer’s pages, with included redirections to your website. With every sale or conversion, the influencer can get a share that you both agreed on.

A promise of affiliate programs is one of the best ways to get into influencer marketing. The biggest influencers on social media earn a pretty penny from their sponsorships. Setting up an effective offer will greatly increase your chances of finding the right influencer to collaborate with.

Sponsored social media content

When you have great content, it’s a shame to let it go unseen. Partnering with influencers can give you a chance to advertise your content. Social media is the best place for that. Talk to your influencer about any ideas you have and how you want to promote your content.

Establish a schedule and make sure the content is promoted at least somewhat organically. Both you and the influencer can provide the content, to make the campaign more diverse.


Also known as product seeding, this is a clever way to establish a relationship with an influencer. By sending them free gifts, you are advertising your product one-on-one. They will see the benefits first hand and get to enjoy them for free.

It’s a nice gesture that will benefit your long-term influencer marketing relationships. If an influencer likes your gifts, they might even promote them for free. The moment that happens, you should have a prepared content campaign for future collaborations.

Sponsored blog posts

Bloggers are important influencers too, as blog are becoming more and more popular. There are two types of sponsored blog posts. The first kind is strictly related to your product and is blatantly promotional. The other kind talks about a topic that relates to your product.

For smaller brands, you can achieve packaging promotion through the first type. Being aggressive from the beginning is important. When you’re already established, you can have a blogger write sponsored posts with milder product placement.

Guest blogs

You can do guest blogging in two different ways. By offering influencers to write on your blog, you get a chance to diversify your audience and get access to the influencer’s network of followers. The second method involves submitting your content to influential websites that relate to your industry.

Getting your packaging promoted on authority websites is a great way to boost your conversion rate and grow as a brand. Just make sure the content is relevant.

Brand ambassador

An influencer can only become your brand ambassador if they love your product so much that they’re ready to promote it heavily. This doesn’t mean just slight brand appearances from time. Instead, they will be using an array of different hashtags.

Brand ambassadors will use your products in everyday life, not just for promotional purposes. Ambassadorship is perhaps the pinnacle of influencer marketing, but it takes a lot of time to establish.

Concluding thoughts

Influencer marketing is one of the most versatile packaging promotion strategies. Whichever method you wish to utilize, it will bring quick and visible results. The key is to pick the right influencer and cooperate with them every step of the way.

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