Five Facts for Coffee Packaging

Five Facts for Coffee Packaging

The packaging of your coffee is the first impression made on your customers. Yes, before they even try your coffee at all! The packaging has to speak for the product and make your brand and values come across clear.  Here are the top five facts for coffee packaging that you need to know when deciding on the best packaging for your coffee.

Coffee Bag Types

There are 5 main styles of coffee packaging bags, each with their own advantages:

  1. The Block Bottom Side Gusseted Bag is the most popular style. It has a flat bottom which allows a full bag to maintain a brick shape with a bold rectangular front face. This bold and sturdy design is optimal for on-shelf visibility.
  2. The Quad Seal Side Gusseted Bag is no less popular. It also has a flat bottom, and it is sealed in all four sides. This ensures the highest level of protection from external environmental factors such as oxygen and light. In other words, it helps keep your coffee beans fresher longer.
  3. The Flat Pouch is most often used to hold single-serve coffee bags or instant coffee products. It is a cost-efficient option.
  4. The Tin-Tie Bag is a good choice for coffee samplers or for smaller quantities that will be consumed in just a few days.
  5. The Stand-Up Pouch is rising in popularity as it offers good protection and resealable features. With the addition of a hang hole, the pouch can either stand or hang.

Shelf Life and Freshness

The material specifications of the packaging you choose can help maintain the freshness of your coffee, assuring the flavor doesn’t escape. It is valuable to understand how differences in barrier levels affect food preservation and shelf life. The way the bag or pouch is sealed or resealed affects how much air, light, and moisture comes into contact with the coffee inside. Sure, we know the goal is for customers to drink your coffee. That requires opening the bag multiple times. Don’t worry!  Most coffee businesses choose to add a one-way degassing valve to help retain freshness and flavor longer. This valve lets the carbon dioxide out of the bag without letting any oxygen in and that’s important in food preservation.

Consumer Convenience 

The consumer wants their coffee-making process to be as effortless as possible. Your packaging should make it easy for them to pick your product over the competition. The design on your packaging should attract the consumer and provide all the necessary information without overwhelming the eye. One way to impress customers is by providing convenient features such as resealable options like zippers or tin-ties. Nothing is wasted and the coffee is kept fresh.

Consumer Peace of Mind

Equally important, now more than ever is to ensure the integrity and purity of any consumer goods purchased. Our bags can be heat sealed after packing to help guard against contamination during storage, delivery, or while on store shelves.

Creative Packaging Design

The option to customize your packaging allows you the opportunity to increase your brand recognition and increase your sales. You want your packaging to be attractive and unique. The different bag types we offer along with the various imprint methods available, offer a range of playroom for your design no matter what stage your business is at. Think of ways you can use visual stimuli to affect the consumer’s senses, perhaps by getting an image or word to evoke a smell or taste in their mind. Possibilities are endless with creative packaging design.

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