The Next Big Thing in Flexible Packaging

Recent research has concluded that flexible packaging will see a growth of just under 4% per year over the next four years. With so many features, such as spouted pouches, and an increasing growth rate, what’s next for flexible packaging?

New Technologies

The Stand-Up Pouch is a great product, but like everything, there is always room for improvement. Discovering and adding features to broaden the markets using Stand-Up Pouches to package their products. There is talk of incorporating nanotechnology to increase the shelf life of products, though this has yet to undergo proper testing. The potential of how nanotechnology could extend freshness is exciting. However, consumer concerns exist since this is a technology that manipulates atoms and molecules. 

High-pressure processing is another technology in development. This technology involves processing a sealed pouch under pressure so high that it effectively kills microorganisms and enzymes in food. This process increases slows down deterioration, thus increasing product shelf life. In products such as tea and coffee, which are easily influenced by spoilage factors, this technology goes a long way in keeping popular beverages fresher longer.




Flexible Packaging products, such as Stand-Up Pouches or Side Gusseted Pouches, are commonly used for packaging loose-leaf tea and coffee beans. However, there has been increased popularity with liquid products such as salad dressings, detergents, soups, and sunscreens since the introduction of spouted pouches. Spouted pouches for liquid products are an excellent lightweight packaging solution—no need to worry about heavy jars, cans, or glass bottles. An additional feature available on spouted pouches is dosage control, a great way to avoid any leaks and minimize waste.




Consumers continue to seek sustainable solutions. In turn, manufacturers continue to improve their recyclable and compostable offerings. Already, the compact nature of Flexible Packaging is superior to bulkier packaging products. Flexible packaging uses less storing and transportation resources. Also, the benefit of air-tight sealed packaging, with recloseable options, is critical in food waste reduction, a highly overlooked source of pollution. 


Ongoing technological advances will continue to enhance flexible packaging’s sustainability, making it the most sound solution for packaging across many industries.




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Flexible Packaging is already a BIG THING!


Flexible packaging makes it easier for businesses to store and ship products while also increasing consumer convenience. With so many benefits, it is hard to deny that flexible packaging will continue to prove a future leader. 

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