New for 2021: Stock Single Serve Coffee Pods & Display Boxes

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New For 2021!

Recyclable and compostable single serve coffee pods and boxes, in stock now!

Take your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or other beverage business to the next level while being environmentally conscientious.


The Coffee Pod

Choose between our recyclable or our compostable single serve coffee pods.

Our recyclable coffee pods are made from BPA-FREE, PP#5 recyclable material, allowing your customers to dispose of them in a responsible, environmentally friendly way.

2.0 compatible lids

Our compostable coffee pods allow you to toss both your used coffee pod and coffee directly into your garden or compost bin with other organic materials. These are made in the USA, and are 100% plastic-free, using only bio-materials.

2.0 compatible lid

The Display Box

Our sustainable boxes are fully recyclable, and fit a set of 12 single serve pods. These 12-pack single serve display boxes are stocked in color Natural Kraft, Black and White.

Made from CS1 cardboard, 0.018 thickness.

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