Multiple Uses for Side Gusseted Bags

Side Gusset Bags Line Up

Side gusseted bags are a great way to package most food-related products. They are the go-to option for packaging coffee. However, there are more ways that these bags can be used.  Besides coffee, they can be used to package products such as flour and sugar. Merchants have also used them for oats and similar heavy products.

One thing to remember is that the bags need to protect and extend the life of your perishable items. If there is a middle ground, here is a company that is capable of removing the protective layers in side gusseted bags one by one in order to make them recyclable.

Side gusseted bag definition

A side gusseted is a bag that has the folds (gusset) along both sides of the bag. Particularly the gussets allow for the bag to expand and stand upright when filled. Also, they work great for coffee packaging. They are great for packaging tea, dry foods, powdered items and even for pet foods. In addition, they can also be with or without a one-way valve.

What is it used for?

The purpose of side gusseted bags is for packaging products. They mainly focus on packaging food and food-related items such as coffee, tea, snacks, and pet food. However, side gusseted bags have also been used to package hygiene items, clothing, and even non-editable products. Side gusseted bags package certain goods, but it all depends on the material.

 What does it look like?

There are many options of various sizes and colors. The standard look is a wide bottom narrower top and both sides of the bag expand when filled up.  If you go to the grocery store you will see the coffee packaged in these bags.


You can choose different materials such as Foil, Block bottom, Poly and Quad Seal

Side Gusset Bags Line Up

Foil Side gusseted bags

come in various colors and sizes and are safe for food packaging. These are the ones you want if you are going to package coffee. The most popular sizes are the 2lb and 5lb bags for coffee. The weight is calculated by coffee beans that can be packaged in the bag.  Besides coffee, you can also package peanuts, crackers and similar snacks.

Block Bottom side gusseted bags

are the option you will need if you want a full custom design and custom labels. They have a greater span in packaging as they can be used for food and non-food products. The design is specific that will save valuable shelf space and allow you to display more of your products. They come in several materials, sizes and colors that will allow you to maximize your product branding. Choose these if you want your packaging design to stand out above the crowd.

Poly Side gusseted bags

allow you to package flour, sugar, oats, cereal and similar products. They are the ones you will want if you need a barrier seal. Poly side gusseted bags contain no aluminum layer making it light-weight and an affordable option.

Quad Seal Side gusseted bags

feature seals on all four corners. They are designed to have a reinforced structure which makes them stand better on shelves. These bags are your choice if you want to have the best option for your product packaging.

Prices for Side Gusseted bags?

 The average price is 0.42 per bag. When shopping for a side gusseted bag to package your products there are some things to keep in mind. The first is to know your product, as an example, if you are packaging coffee, your side gusseted bag will need a one-way valve. This will allow the coffee to expel the gases and keep your coffee fresh. Any add-ons to the bag will increase the price per bag.

Where to purchase the Best side gusseted bags?

 There are many places to purchase side gusseted bags. Many people go and search online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and similar websites.  The issue is that many times these sellers are not experts in the industry. It is highly recommended to avoid these sites and look for a reputable supplier. PBFY is a company with more than 10 years in the flexible packaging industry. The advantage is the personal attention you will receive in comparison to other companies.  The reps can guide you and suggest the best options to keep your cost low but also keeping your products fresh. The other great thing that PBFY offers is a free sample kit for anyone to try before you buy.

Additional Accessories

A one-way degassing valve is recommended if you are packaging coffee. It will allow expelling the gasses given off by coffee beans.

Tin Ties: Allow the customer to close the bag with ease. Highly recommended for all food products.


What kind of food can I pack?

Coffee, tea, dry food, snacks, dry pasta and some powered goods. You can also pack snacks for human and pet consumption.

How do I seal the bags?

To start packaging your products you will need to purchase a heat sealer. Make sure you get one that seals on both ends of the clamp.

Are they leak proof?

No, side gusseted bags are not meant for liquids or pastes. It is best to use a stand-up pouch for those kinds of products.

Are side gusseted bags biodegradable?

No, however, there are some kraft bags that do not have the aluminum liner which can be recycled like paper.

Where can I buy the cheapest bags?

When thinking about buying cheap, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Look for cost-effective measures but don't sacrifice quality. PBFY offers free samples to try out.