Pet Food Packaging: What consumers Look For

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Pet food packaging has evolved throughout the years. Just like the human counterpart, pet food packaging has now included ingredient labels that showcase natural and healthy ingredients. Pet food packaging also has included eye-catching graphics filled with keywords and information meant to grab consumers’ attention and inform them.  These are the highlights that pet food packaging focuses more on.

Healthy Ingredients

Consumers look for what type of ingredients are in the food their beloved pets will consume. Like many pet owners, they often choose the best food according to the ingredients.  Having icons or artwork that depicts the main ingredients in the pet food can go a long way in

The War on Grains

Dog and cat owners feel that grains are often fillers like gluten or cornmeal which rob the more nutritional ingredients pets need. The pros and cons of developing a zero-grain diet for pets can be debatable, but for now, the majority of brands choose to highlight this on their packaging. The idea is to focus more on the healthy ingredients that will include supplements, vegetables, and minerals.  However, depending on the type of animal food you might want to include your food offers grains.

Pet Food Packaging Made in the USA

Quality comes second to none on pet food production. Having a label displaying the food was prepared, cooked or comes from the United States relays very good with consumers.  This has to do with the strict regulations that the U.S. has to animal food and packaging.  People associate with the great quality and strick food handling regulations that the United States has in place.

Natural / Organic

As more people become health-conscious and watch what they eat, this behavior passes along to the food they give their pets. Consumers when purchasing food for themselves look for fresh and natural ingredients, keeping away from unhealthy and questionable products.  Showing natural ingredients rather than processed sits better with consumers and assures their pets will get better quality food. This can all be summed up with this key-phrase “If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for my pet”.

The bottom line in Pet Food Packaging is…

Choose the right packaging for the type of pet food.  There are many choices available for dry and wet pet food, depending on the type of animal it is for.  Having eye-catching graphics to display can drastically impact if consumers will purchase the product.

On a related note, the packaging bag needs to be of high-quality materials and properly sealed to help maintain the freshness of the product.

Transparency is key to earning consumer’s trust, easy to read yet eye-catching highlight goes a long way.  Consumers want to see the quality of the food and for that reason, some pet food packaging has now see-through windows. This allows the consumer to visually inspect the quality.  Shopping for pet food is now more of what brand brings more to the table in the sense of health benefits, freshness and quality. Owners are more vigilant and want to give their pets the best food filled with nutrients. They will feed them the best food to keep them healthy, thus promoting a longer life span.  If you need more information talk to our representatives to help answer your questions

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