Stories Matter! Images + Stories = Sales

Storytelling is an extremely effective marketing skill to develop. Stories connect us as a society. In business, as in life, stories are the way we connect and communicate. The right story can be a catalyst for change or cause us to take action. Each and every one of us has a unique story to share. The best way to engage someone and call them to action is with a compelling story. whats your story blogTell your story Think of brands that are heavily marketed and internationally known. Brands like Pepsi, Spam, Mrs. Field or Disney. They all began as an idea, a one-man show or mom and pop operation that grew into a brand. Almost anyone you meet world-wide would know the story behind these names. This is a great goal to have as you’re starting out and something to strive for as you build your brand. Find the things that are unique and special about your product and the history of your company. That can be the foundation for the story of you. The story that will be an integral part of your marketing strategy. It doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out epic saga, nor should it be. Find the kernel of warmth, truth, wisdom or heart that defines your story and reduce the epic down to that simple idea. Something as simple as the way a warm , chewy cookie makes everything seem better, or how a cold drink on a hot day is the most refreshing thing there is. These simple truths are what makes a story relatable to the public. It resonates with the customer. They can feel that feeling that you are describing and put themselves in the same frame of mind as the storyteller. When you’ve achieved that, you’ve got a customer. Images brandingBranding and logo design can be used in conjunction with your story to draw your potential customers in and cause them to want to know more about your product. With these elements you create an image of your company and culture and allow your customers to find that something to identify with your product. The customer forms and image of your brand and an association between that visual image and your product. Henceforth the customer will associate the picture in your logo with the name and product connected to it. It may seem like basic marketing psychology, but it bears repeating. If you’re not leveraging all the marketing tools at your disposal, you could be missing out on sales. Connection to emotions christmas-store-displayMarketing your product takes making that connection to your customer. The right story, the right image and a good quality product will take you far. Think of that coffee commercial, you know the one where the big brother comes home for Christmas? It gets you right where you live, even causing a tear to well in the eye. That’s the power of stories that connect to us on an emotional level. Good stories that make us feel something, create a positive association, or just plain make us hungry for some good food are effectively selling to us. The next time we see a brand of coffee in the supermarket, we’re going to think of how that commercial made us laugh at ourselves for getting emotional about coffee. Even if it’s not a conscious decision, we react at a gut level to advertising. Use your storytelling skills to reach your audience on an emotional level and increase your sales ability. Gone are the days of Madison Avenue creating ad campaigns for print, for TV or radio. Today’s marketing is all about stories on social media, images on Instagram, and information on Twitter. you must develop your advertising to engage your customers instantly because you might not get a second chance. The power of storytelling, building an image and reputation and connecting with your customers in an authentic way is a key to marketing success.

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