Custom Printing Improves Sales – How to make branding work for you!

To build your company,you must build your brand. This entails marketing campaigns, a catchy slogan or tagline, and perhaps most importantly, an eye-catching package. Here is some information on improving your sales potential by using all of the above-mentioned strategies to make branding work for you. coffee-233835_640Branding You only have to think about the most well-known brands in the world to realize how important good branding is. Coca-cola, Ivory soap, Palmolive, Maxwell House or KFC. What do they all have in common? All of these products are internationally known, and we’ll bet that you can probably recognize the brand , logo or slogan that goes with the product. “Good the last drop!” is a great example. The Maxwell House coffee slogan has been around since 1907! This only proves what we’re trying to convey. Proper branding is crucial for sales and longevity. Think of how many thousands (yes, thousands) of products hit the marketplace each year and never reach their goals of successful sales. Many of these companies fail because they are not able to brand themselves in such a way as to spark the imagination of the public. Advertising and branding done right builds customer loyalty and creates repeat sales. 60 percent of shoppers state that they go for the brand they feel comfortable with no matter the price. A recognizable logo with a tagline that sticks brands your company and creates an association with your product that keeps the customer coming back to buy again. The best way to build brand loyalty is to have a quality product and a memorable brand.You want your brand on everything from letterhead to labels and that includes your packaging. PBFY has several types of custom printing options to brand both the bag and the label. label-707078_640Branding gives you a sales advantage and a good-looking logo adds shelf appeal. Striking colors and a simple, yet attractive design draw the customer in. If they stop to admire your artwork, the chance that they will purchase your product increases exponentially. Market research studies have shown that consumers’ buying habits are very much driven by branding. Customers who purchase wine by the bottle state that the label is what first catches their eye and makes one bottle stand out over another.If they’ve never tried the wine, they are 45% more likely to buy it if the label is appealing to them. The same holds true for other products in a retail setting. Branding is a huge factor in the customer’s buying decision. Why labels? Labels are an expedient way to communicate information such as ingredient lists and nutrition facts. Labels are useful for small batch production and test marketing in the research and development phase of branding. PBFY offers custom printed labels and application services as part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. Printing Options design-751452_640Hot Stamp Printing and Custom Printed Bags are two options to consider when branding your packaging. The hot stamp method is a cost-effective way to brand your packaging with single, multi-color or photographic images. Custom printed bags can be mass produced with more lead time and planning to create your brand and logo. The benefits of employing these printing methods are an increase in shelf appeal that directly correlates to increased sales. Customers will choose an eye-catching branded bag over a plain brown wrapper with certainty. Check out all of the great customer packaging options and talk to a PBFY consultant when you’re ready to brand your bags and have your product stand out on store shelves!

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