3 Tips to Package Powdered Drinks for The Holiday Season

Tips to Package Powdered Drinks for The Holiday Season

While customers love their hot drinks, it can be a challenge to set your product aside from the many other options on the market–that’s where PBFY shines. Partnering with our packaging, your business can stand out with custom stand up gusseted bags, stand up pouches, and even compostable single serve coffee pods. With our custom personalization options, your packaging can go from being good to gourmet.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for packaging your business’s powdered drinks for the holiday season.

Tip #1: Go Environmentally Friendly with Your Packaging

Coffee packaging alone creates over 23 tons of product waste per year that ends up in landfills. Many customers hate this aspect of purchasing and have turned to reusable containers, and sustainable packaging, even if the product isn’t their favorite.

To truly make your drink mix stand out, we recommend trying environmentally friendly packaging. Customers are more willing to shell out for a premium product if it’s in a packaging that is compostable.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our Compostable Single Serve Coffee Pods, which offer your customers a responsible way to enjoy single-serve coffee makers at home. These can be marketed individually as ways to test new products, or they can come in a box set for a perfect holiday stocking stuffer.

If your product needs loose packaging, like gourmet loose leaf teas, we recommend our Kraft Paper Bags with Tin Ties. These bags can easily be customizable with your brand’s logo, website, and marketing information, and they are still environmentally friendly and plastic-free. Plus, these bags can be used for a variety of different products, from protein powder to coffee.

Tip #2: Customize, Customize, Customize!

It can be tough for brand’s stand out when there’s so much competition. Yet, there’s one thing all customers love–purchasing something that makes them feel special. Your drinks can be the most delicious on the market, but they won’t sell if the customer doesn’t feel something when they go to purchase them. In fact, poor packaging can actually keep your customer from realizing how special your brand truly is.

At PBFY, we encourage customization. We can customize absolutely any of our products and we find it truly makes a difference in making your brand’s product shine! Here are just a few of the customization options we offer:

  • Hot Stamp Printing: This type of customization can be done quickly and easily on products you need to turn around quickly. Perfect for the holiday rush, increase your brand awareness without lifting a finger–just upload your design and PBFY will do the work!
  • Custom Label Printing: Work with our customer service reps and create a one-of-a-kind design for your powdered drinks with our custom label printing. Our labels work like stickers and can be glossy and multi-colored to help your packaging stand out. Custom labels are also perfect for displaying nutritional info and instructions on how to prepare your brand’s products.
  • Digital Color Printing: If your company is ready to take it to the next level, you’ll need PBFY’s special digital color printing services. Perfect for increasing marketing and sales, digital color printing can elevate your product to look like it’s mass marketed, even if it’s not. Branding is such an important part of any business and digital color printing can take your packaging from a label or sticker to a fully fleshed out colored package.
  • Custom Printed Bags: If you want to help your products stand out from the crowd, custom printed bags are the way to go. With this option, the designs are limitless–our customer service reps can help you create something so unique that your marketing will thank you for it! Custom printed bags can be mass produced and will help your customers easily identify your product, whether you’re selling at a local farmer’s market or on a big box retailer’s shelf.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget About Exterior Packaging

While your product is certainly important, as is it’s internal packaging (the container it comes in), you’ll also want to think about external packaging. As the holidays approach, many consumers choose to have their items shipped to them to avoid extra time and traffic from busy shopping malls and grocery stores.

If your products sell online, you’ll want to think about packaging that can increase sales through your e-commerce sites as well. A great way to do this is using our customization options in conjunction with memorable, quality exterior packaging, like our Recyclable 12-Pack Coffee Pod Boxes. These boxes can help contain your product during shipping to keep the coffee pods organized, but it also is a great option for brand awareness.

Another great way to use exterior packaging for single drink mixes are with products like our 3-Side Seal Flat Pouches. Perfect for single use powdered drink mixes, these packages can contain a set or variety pack that will easily stay neat and together while going through the shipping process. This option is a great way to add some extra customization to your product to truly help elevate it in the consumer’s eyes.

No matter what packaging options you choose for the holidays, it’s important to help your brand stand out with customized boxes, pouches, and product labels. PBFY can help you create something unique to your brand that will increase your sales and visibility. To get started, reach out to our customer service reps with a message!

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