Poll – What’s your opinion on Peet’s Coffee buying Stumptown?

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, the Seattle-based precursor to Starbucks in the “Second Wave” of coffee popularity has acquired Portland, Oregon-based Stumptown Coffee Roasters, one of the stand-out companies in the infamous “Third Wave”. For those of you who are new to coffee terminology and history, the First Wave was the percolator coffee-turned-automatic-drip wave. Got it? stumptown cold brewStumptown Coffee Roasters was one of the vanguard of independent coffee roasters pioneering new methods of Java brew such as the “pour-over” and “cold brew”. Stumptown is famous for their packaged label cold brewed coffee in a bottle which is unique and amazingly popular in the Pacific Northwest. Their latest offering, “Nitro Cold Brew” in a can was released on National Coffee Day 2015. Stumptown is one of the Pacific Northwest’s innovative independent coffee roasters. Many customers and stumptown-cold-brewfans of the company are wondering what the future will bring and if, in fact, Stumptown will be able to remain independent and be able to continue to produce quality results while at the same time being tied to the corporate apron strings of the very large Peet’s Coffee & Tea company. Some stated fears that Stumptown will be swallowed up,and in effect become “Peet’s Jr.” Peet’s Coffee & Tea has been around since the 1960’s bringing all the coffee and tea goodness nation-wide. This acquisition only adds value to the company which currently has 376 stores nationally. They have purchased the Stumptown chain of 10 stores in Portland, Seattle, New York and Los Angeles for an undisclosed amount of money. peets coffee logoFor the older company Peet’s, the acquisition of Stumptown is going to give their stores some “street cred” with millennials and the younger set, while the Stumptown locations will still be operating independently. It could be win-win for every coffee lover. Even Starbucks was paying attention to the news. It warranted a tweet from a Sr. VP,“ File under ‘huh’.” What do you think of the purchase of Stumptown Coffee Roasters? Start the conversation in the comments below or tweet it out @PBFY.

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