Finding the Right Packaging Bags for your Product

Finding Packaging Bags

So you finally decided to start selling your custom product but need to find out what is the best flexible packaging bags for it. Starting out you need to have the best bang for your buck, but also need something trendy, and eye-catching.  Selling your product can be quite a feat, having a great product is just one side of the equation. The second half is having the right packaging, which can make all the difference between your product staying on the shelf or you rushing to fulfill additional orders as your product is now the new crave.

Find the right flexible packaging bags & pouches for your product

There are many packaging options, but you need to know which one suits your product and budget. Many startup companies do not have the budget necessary to compete with better known more established brands. Don’t feel discouraged, there are options that you can take in order to level the playing field.  Experts say that the best option for new companies to effectively compete with others is by doing foil stamp imprinting.

This will allow the package to have a professional look while saving money over traditional full custom printing.  There are several options in the flexible packaging industry to choose from. Depending on the type of product, some are better than others.  Here is a breakdown of the different types of flexible packaging bags and the best options according to experts.

Flat Pouches:

Typically, these types of bags are better suited for package foods with a fast turnaround. Great for packaging beef jerky, snacks, chips, and similar food products. Flat pouches come in solid, metallic colors and 3 side seal design.  Another option to make your brand stand out is to include custom printing in order to fully stand out

Tin Tie Paper Bags:

These will be the best option for dry food packaging. Tin tie paper bags come lined with a food-safe poly or glassine liner which helps keep food fresh. The bags have a square bottom that greatly enhances the display. The built-in tin tie application is great for reclosing the bag in order to keep your products fresh. These would be great for cookies, pretzels, nuts and even coffee.

Side Gusseted Bags:

These are going to be your option for packaging coffee grounds and coffee beans. They have the built-in one-way valve that helps release carbon dioxide that is released from freshly roasted coffee beans. These bags are narrower in design which are great for saving shelve space. Side gusseted bags give you more options as they come in a variety of colors and sizes that are beneficial for product branding. In order to truly stand out, it is recommended to use the foil side gusseted bags

Stand up Pouches

These types of bags are the to-go option to package a variety of solid, liquid and powdered foods and non-food items. The bag has a great front area which makes it ideal for adding your brand logo and graphics.  Stand up Pouches take up minimal space on display shelves.  It is recommended to also implement a window on the bag to showcase your product a bit more. This option can really help entice potential customers to choose your product over the competitors.

Another option to showcase your product is to choose the one clear side/color side bag. Either of these options can give you that edge as potential customers will see the quality of your product.  If you have coffee grounds a highly recommended option is to include a side gusseted valve. This will keep your coffee fresh longer and allow for maximum consumer approval.

Block Bottom Bags:

These bags are great for displaying your product, the thin design makes the best use of shelf space.  If your products are going to be on-shelf display, then this is the best option for your brand. They can also include block bottoms that allow them to stand upright and very beautifully display the branding.

Get free expert advice on flexible packaging bags and pouches

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